We do not hire genies who can fulfil your 3 wishes of getting a flawless dissertation, instant PhD and a smooth career growth. But we do have experienced and professional editors who are adept with the intricacies involved in Professional academic editing services. They pompously make editing as our flagship service, which has piled a list of more than thousand satisfied clients over the years.

Our word of guarantee…

Flawless editing of documents to each of our clients goes as a guarantee with each of our project through our thesis editing services Malaysia. Many students, being unfamiliar with the writing guidelines end up submitting a document with mistakes. The probability for such errors increases when native students having English as their second language. Our Dissertation Editing Services in Malaysia provides help to PhD scholars who struggle to eliminate the risk of submitting a flawed research report, essay or assignment.

Scope of Thesis Editing services Malaysia:

The editing service goes beyond making cosmetic changes to your documents. Our editors do a thorough examination of the content and make corrections to the following:

  • Language: We correct flaws in language, like incorrect vocabulary, use of slangs and casual terms, and frivolous words that just increase volume. We cut down parts that are unnecessary, and make changes to vocabulary as needed.
  • Grammar: Grammatical flaws like wrong tenses, verbs, number agreement, modifiers and misplaced articles can ruin the impact of your document. We correct all such mistakes after a thorough assessment.
  • Structure: Structure of content is checked at three levels, sentence, paragraph and sections. Improper structure and illogical flow of content changes the meaning and makes it hard for readers to understand what you want to say.
  • Citations: Our editors are well aware of all citation styles followed by different colleges in Malaysia. Whether you need APA, MLA, Harvard, AMA, Chicago or any other style, you just need to specify that to our editors and consistency in citations will be ensured. Quotes from books, online sources, magazines, journals, conversations, conference reports, etc. must be cited following the correct method.
  • Accuracy: The editors also check the accuracy of content, in terms of facts and theories stated, data used and analysis done. . In case there is any flaw, we suggest a revision.
  • Authenticity: If your content is not genuine, no amount of flowery language or presentation will impress the reviewers. We use reliable plagiarism checking tools to assess the originality of the content, if you’ve opted for the plagiarism check service. If any part is found copied, we make or suggest appropriate changes.

Having a skilled editor by your side will make you stress free, as you will be sure of the quality of document you are submitting. Contact us and send a request for hiring an expert editor now by writing in at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.