Why do you think is the need for proofreading?? For its better presentation? Well, let’s just see!:

A famous quote by Mark Twain says, “In teh fist place God made idiots. This wa a practise Then he made proofreaders”.

The presentation was by far alright, but was it a comfortable reading? Surely not because the sentence was full of typographic errors, spell error and a missing period. This makes it clear that proofreading is not just an artificial service to make your presentation good. It works on much more than that.
There can be many minute errors in academic documents, which are not dealt with during copy editing. To remove such errors, Editing Proofreading offers professional proofreading services. Proofreading is the final stage of improving a document and hence, focuses on such errors that impact presentation as well as content. Our native English editors have incredible command over the language and are well aware of the presentation guidelines, formats and style manuals.

Scope of Academic Proofreading Services Online:

The following aspects are checked and corrected as part of the proofreading service:

  • Spellings: Spellings and typographical errors are sure to persist when you are working on a lengthy document, especially with a technical subject. We ensure not to overlook them and spot them by a thorough reading, not just relying on the spelling check tools.
  • Spacing:The prescribed rules and guidelines for spacing between words, as well as sentences are followed for a perfect finish and instant approval.
  • Margins and indent: The width of margins and the level of indentation that you use for paragraphs, quotes, etc. are checked as per the guidelines.
  • Font style and size: A specific font style and size is prescribed by most colleges for type written assignments, projects and reports. In case you have used a wrong font, we incorporate the change.
  • Headers: There are several headers and sub headers in an academic document, for classification and division of sections. These can be in a different font, underlined, italicised or marked in bold as per the instructions.
  • Punctuations: Though they seem irrelevant, wrong punctuations can change the meaning of sentences. We check every comma, semi colon, quotation marks, etc.
  • Title Page and Index: Most academic documents will have a title page and a proper index. Their presentation have to be accurate. We check the layout and make sure that all details are included. In case there is a bibliography section or glossary, the same is also checked thoroughly.

By availing our Dissertation proofreading services in Malaysia, you can expect to submit documents that meet the international standards. Place your order by getting in touch with our team or by writing in at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.